WuXi Biologics & Adagene partner to generate new antibody therapeutics

WuXi Biologics, an open-access biologics technology platform firm offering end-to-end services for exploring, developing, and manufacturing biologics, has declared a partnership with Adagene. This collaboration with the Chinese antibody discovery & engineering firm is apparently targeted at creating new antibody therapeutics.

Reportedly, Adagene’s association with WuXi Biologics will help the firm supply the products for clinical tests under the U.S. FDA’s Investigational New Drug program. Post the approval for marketing, these products would be liable to be shipped across the U.S. and China.

The co-founder and Chief Executive of Adagene Corporation, Dr. Peter Luo, has stated that its partnership with WuXi Biologics will help the firm to focus on the key functional areas such as discovering of new antibody therapeutics on difficult antigens. He believes that the process development & production competencies of WuXi will support Adagene’s focus on introducing new products in the healthcare market.

Industry analysts seem to be rather optimistic about this collaboration and view it as one of the best initiatives for introducing world-class life-saving biologics across the China pharmaceuticals market.  A key official of WuXi has stated that the high-quality biologics tool of the firm will help Adagene in creating new antibody therapeutics.

Reportedly, such partnerships will not only promote the expansion of the biopharmaceutical sector, but will encourage new drug innovation, which will help in curing chronic ailments of the patients. WuXi Biologics’ prominent end-to-end solutions will help Adagene to manufacture therapeutic drugs with improved biophysical characteristics.

With the growing competition witnessed across the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry, such alliances are likely to become commonplace, making medicines rather cost-effective & easily available, claim authentic sources. Indeed, analysts state that this strategic business decision will facilitate Adagene Incorporation’s next wave of innovative product development and its launch across clinics & hospitals across the globe.

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