Waymo inks a pivotal deal with Intel to develop an in-house self-driving computer design

The reputed American multinational corporation and technology company, Intel, has recently signed an agreement with Waymo, with regards to the latter’s decision of going in-house to develop the core technology for its self-driving system. For the record, Intel has always been Waymo’s supplier, right since the time it began its journey as Google self-driving car project, since the year 2009, when Intel was chosen to supply chips for the autonomous vehicle program. Corporate relationship between the two however, have gained stronger ground ever since Google commenced working with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to develop and implement autonomous driving technology in minivans.

For the uninitiated, Chrysler has been taking significant steps to comply with the on-going modernization in automotive market, having built its first ever minivan with a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain. The company has been working with the tech giants such as Intel and Waymo since long, to develop self-driving projects. Waymo in fact, has been using Intel’s technologies for connectivity, general compute, and sensor processing in Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans since 2015. Of late, pertaining to the rapidly growing advancements in automotive technology, it has been predicted that driverless cars may be adopted sooner than expected. It has also been observed that the Chrysler Pacifica minivans are already operating on the public roads in California and Arizona.

With an aim to develop technologically advanced autonomous cars, Intel plans to work with Waymo to enhance the overall efficiency and power of its self-driving computer system. The CEO of Waymo, John Krafcik stated that the company is looking forward to launch most of the advanced vehicles in the market by enhancing performance of its self-driving fleets, for which it would be tapping the advanced processing technology of Intel.

Waymo’s experience with self-driving technology is anticipated to add a competitive advantage to the company’s product portfolio, as more and more companies have been depicting an interest in the autonomous vehicle market.

As per reports, both the companies are willing to work collaboratively over the coming years. Their long-term collaboration is likely to result in the development of vehicles that can drive sans human intervention, under any circumstances. The surging adoption of this technology is likely to lead to the inception of a safer driving environment across the globe over the years ahead. It has also been reported that Waymo’s self-owned self-driving system technology may be accomplished in the future, given that the company now has Intel – one of the biggest chipmakers and a dominant player in advanced processing technology market, as its business partner.

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