Walmart to overshadow Amazon’s flying warehouses, with its patent covering ‘gas-filled’ aircrafts

In a move resembling the one made by Amazon in April 2016, Walmart Inc., - the world’s largest retailer has also applied for a U.S. patent for flying warehouses.

The advent of the drone technology in the global online retail industry has created lot of buzz, of late. The world’s largest retailers are already encroaching the technology landscape to usher floating warehouses that make deliveries via drones, into reality. Amazon’s patent for flying airship warehouse sounds much like a science fiction, but its deployment plans are very real. By integrating precision and efficiency through futuristic delivery options, this technology has a high potential to redefine customers’ shopping & delivery experiences.

Notably, Walmart’s patent for floating warehouses could be the retailer’s latest move to take its business to the next level. Both the retailers, Amazon and Walmart are fighting to cut costs and speed up their delivery times as they compete over pricing. However, both the companies have realized the potential of product deliveries through the skies, which will undeniably grab the shopper’s attention and will help in cutting down their reliance on local delivery companies.

In the modern retail environment, the e-commerce retailers need to focus on their delivery options to thrive in the market and expand their reach. These two retail giants are mastering their delivery game as floating warehouses could eliminate the core challenge of traffic and driving distances. Moreover, a movable warehouse could be able to serve a wider distribution area, thus making deliveries more efficient compared to traditional warehouses that could only fill orders around a fixed driving radius.

Walmart’s proposed blimp-style aircraft would travel at heights of between 500 feet and 1000 feet and will be navigated remotely by a human pilot or though autonomous means.

Comparing the technical specification of both the patents, Walmart stands a good chance of getting its patent approved as it goes into intricate details about gas-filled carrier aircrafts and methods of dispersing the unmanned airborne-delivery systems, as opposed to Amazon. However, interestingly this isn’t the first-time Walmart has accelerated its investment and technology in a bid to narrow the gap with Amazon and give itself a dominant push against the rest. In October, Walmart filed another patent that treads on Amazon’s turf. The company filed a patent request similar to Amazon’s Dash buttons, which could speedily reorder household goods in just one click.

The two companies have been battling neck to neck, however, this time the race is on to see which company can deploy the technology before the other.

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