Uber launches its carpooling service Uber Commute in Singapore

Uber, the globally reputed ride-sharing & transportation network firm, has made it to the headlines for introducing Uber Commute. Apparently, this is a new carpooling service in Singapore that permits drivers heading to work to pick commuters for minimal charges. The service is likely to help the drivers cover their petrol & parking costs, cite sources.

Reportedly, Uber Commute rides are restricted between 5 AM to 10 PM during weekdays in contrast to similar services offered by Grab and Ryde. Warren Tseng, the General Manager of Uber in Singapore & Malaysia, has asserted that the firm will not permit its chauffeurs to pick up many commuters during the car ride in accordance with the carpooling legislations published under the Road Traffic Act.

Authentic reports claim that certain traffic norms that were revised in 2015, permitted motorists to make only two trips per day. Analysts project that the new service, which was earlier introduced by the ride sharing firm in the Washington D.C., will enable it to accumulate more revenue from the rapidly emerging carpooling service sector in Singapore. As per the firm, Uber Commute drivers can collect the entire fare, unlike their private-hire counterparts, who have to pay nearly 20% of their fares to the firm.

Experts believe that the ride-sharing mammoth has introduced the service for the working population willing to share their daily travel with other individuals travelling on the same route. Some of the key officials of Uber have announced that both the commuters & drivers can easily access Uber Commute app through their smartphones.

As per authentic reports, Uber has proclaimed that its new carpooling service is aptly designed to reduce transportation costs for passengers. In addition, it is also capable of offering motorists a feasible alternative to share their daily travel to recover their trip costs.

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