Salesforce-Dropbox ink integration deal for proficient cloud services

Dropbox Inc., a file hosting service firm and Incorporation, a U.S. based cloud-computing firm have reportedly formed an integration alliance. The agreement is targeted at blending their services & sharing marketing activities as well as each another’s cloud platform. Additionally, it has been reported that the collaboration also aims to integrate the functions of the CRM software vendor’s platform with the cloud storage vendor’s collaboration platform.

As per the agreement, the end users of Salesforce’s marketing cloud & commerce cloud platforms will receive access to the Dropbox tool, helping them in creating customized & standard folders in Salesforce’s cloud platform. Experts have projected that the move will assist firms involved in the sales, commerce, and marketing businesses, in effectively connecting with their consumers & enhancing end-user experience.

The integration of the cloud platforms has been speculated to facilitate sales personnel & dealers to carry out CRM (Customer relationship management) activities through a single cloud tool. The pact is also expected to facilitate the integration of Dropbox with Quip, collaborative productivity software suite subsidiary of Salesforce. This integration would thus help firms access the Dropbox folders including photos, slides, and videos directly through Quip.

The agreement between Dropbox and Salesforce has been taking place five years after the latter’s declaration that it will compete with DropBox by introducing a new tool. Earlier this month, Dropbox and Google Cloud declared a strategic partnership wherein Dropbox would create a cross-platform integration to connect its collaboration platform with G Suite tools.

Quentin Clark, Senior Vice President of engineering, product, & designing division at Dropbox, has stated that this partnership will help the company in creating new value for the common end-users of their cloud services. He further added that Dropbox is likely to deliver new integrations to the consumers of its services so that they can receive maximum benefit through the novel integrated solutions.

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