Pacific Edge enters into a commercial contract with RMG’s subsidiary

Pacific Edge Limited, a cancer diagnostics firm headquartered in New Zealand, has apparently signed a commercial pact with Raffles Diagnostica Pte Limited, a division of Raffles Medical Group, to supply a suite of Cxbladder cancer tests to the Singapore based firm. According to the terms & conditions of the pact, Raffles Diagnostica will aid RMG urologists with regards to the patient’s urine sample collection and shipping & reporting Cxbladder cancer tests. Apparently, this will facilitate the detection of bladder cancer at the Raffles Hospital in Singapore.

Medical experts claim that this deal is likely to offer a convenient platform for Pacific to expand its business across the Southeast Asian country that boasts of nearly 9500 urologists and 1.8 million potential Cxbladder cancer tests.

For the record, Raffles Medical Group, a private healthcare service provider in Asia, is reputed to be operating around thirteen cities of Asia, including Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Japan, and Singapore. It is only one such private group that offers healthcare services to large hospitals in Singapore and owns a fully integrated healthcare unit such as Raffles Diagnostica Pte Limited in the region. According to reliable sources, RMG takes care of more than two million bladder cancer patients across the Southeast region.

The CEO of Pacific Edge has announced that the firm’s association with Raffles Medical Group will provide the company with the opportunity to grow its cancer diagnostics business across Southeast Asia. One of the firm’s key officials has also viewed the partnership with RMG as a lucrative proposition for Pacific Edge to substantially expand its business across the region.

As per industry experts, this agreement will bring forth the possibility of huge growth prospects for Pacific Edge in the region. Additionally, state experts, it also provides a significant path ahead for the Raffles Medical Group to increase its dominance across South East Asia.

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