National Grid to install 350kW electric vehicle charging network in UK

National Grid PLC, the British utility company, responsible for running the electric grid of the nation, has apparently proposed the installation of a network of 50 strategically located EV charging points across England and Wales. The tactical positioning of the charging points is aimed at bringing 90% of the drivers in UK within 50 miles of a charger. The network is designed to have a capacity of around 350kW and the National Grid plans to extend similar grid services in Scotland as well.

Apparently, the British utility National Grid wants to provide a charging solution for EVs and eliminate range anxiety which often deters consumers from buying EVs.

For the uninitiated, an EV can be charged under 5 minutes with the 350kW chargers depending on the battery size. Each charging station is being designed to have 50 individual chargers which will be wired directly to the high voltage electricity transmission network, aimed at dispelling concerns about power shortage for higher capacity EVs in power-strained areas.

According to The Financial Times, if the chosen motorways were installed with 100 chargers, around 35 MW of power is likely to be generated, which incidentally, is sufficient enough to electrify 14,000 households.

At the current price rate, the cost of installation of the network has been estimated to be around £500 million to £1 billion, though it is expected to come down with the advancement of technology.

One of the spokespersons of The National Grid added that the location of the charging points is designed to be coordinated and structured. Overlaying the transmission network over the motorway network is a way of achieving this synergy, he says.

Reports claim that the UK government will soon make EV charging points mandatory at all petrol pumps to meet the nation’s CO2 targets. Matthew Trevaskis, the head of EVs at the Renewable Energy Association has reportedly hailed the plans of National Grid and said that the government and regulators should take up the responsibility to implement Smart Systems and Flexibility Plans.

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