Merck to team up with Project Data Sphere for to lay the groundwork for the Global Oncology Big Data Alliance

The globally renowned pharma giant and science and technology leader, Merck & Co., Inc., has scarcely declared its decision to ink a rather strategic agreement with Project Data Sphere, a not-for-profit, independent initiative created by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer's Life Sciences Consortium, with an aim to collectively lead the GOBDA (Global Oncology Big Data Alliance).

For the uninitiated, the Global Oncology Big Data Alliance is an initiative that was formed primarily with the intention to enlarge the access to de-identified patient data sets for improvising on the existing analytical capabilities. The current digital platform of Project Data Sphere encompasses historical clinical trial data from nearly 100,000 patients from numerous organizations, and the access to this information has apparently already led to unexpected, groundbreaking discoveries.

GOBDA plans to further expand this platform to make it potentially inclusive of an experimental arm, real-world patient data, and rare tumor trial. Fusing this data with big data analytics has been projected to help construct a reliable data archive, optimize clinical trials, and ensure a proportional advancement with regards to understanding the intricacies of cancer treatment, essentially with an aim to target the unmet needs in this field. Additionally, it goes without saying that research institutes and industry giants will be capable enough to help regulators adapt the latest discoveries in contemporary treatment methodologies. This can be done by means of harnessing big data and analytical power to study and understand the best viable way to efficiently manage rare and serious immune-related adversities. Furthermore, this initiative is aimed at establishing outcome-based models to enable the detection of adverse disorders as early as possible that is certain to lead to enhanced patient outcomes.

This pivotal agreement between Project Data Sphere and the New Jersey headquartered pharmaceutical market giant is set to bring about a proportional impact on the medical space. One of Merck’s top-notch executives was quoted stating that the ultimate aim of this strategic deal was to unleash the power of big data to improve the healthcare value for cancer patients.

Given that big data has been rapidly proliferating the medical space, several progressive advancements related to data sharing and analysis have already depicted appreciable outcomes. It comes as no surprise therefore, that the collaboration of Project Data Sphere and Merck will bring about the creation of a global oncology community exploiting the advantages of big data analytics.

For the record, Merck’s deal with Project Data Sphere was declared at the same time of Merck's Award Ceremony, where the recipients of its 2017 Grant for Oncology Innovation were announced, at the time of the annual ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology Congress) 2017 in Spain.

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