Merck group expands its business in global food safety testing industry, sets up a new food safety testing laboratory in the U.S

Merck Group, a rather formidable pharma behemoth, is all set to enter the emerging field of food safety testing through the establishment of its first food safety studio at Bellevue in the U.S. Reliable sources have reported that this 5,300 square foot workshop in the U.S. offers food testing services and training to the food manufacturers. In addition, this food safety studio conceived by the New Jersey headquartered pharmaceutical industry giant includes a food safety demonstration unit, classroom, and a laboratory, which involves the participation of nearly 80 researchers and other personnel who are qualified enough to aptly carry out the food testing and customer service operations.

Earlier in January 2017, MilliporeSigma, a life science & technology business division of Merck, had acquired BioControl Systems Incorporation, a renowned U.S. player across food testing market. The purchase was made to fulfill the former’s vision of expanding across various regions and offering effective solutions to its clients across food & beverages safety testing industry. It has also facilitated the product portfolio expansion of the firm across the food pathogen testing industry, besides offering the company lucrative avenues to explore the U.S. food testing business fraternity. In one way or the other, it is vividly evident that Merck has made significant contributions towards product & technology applications across various sectors ranging from healthcare to consumer goods.

For the record, Millipore Sigma offers bioscience, laboratory, and process solutions to its end-users with its bioscience unit providing services & reagents for protein research. Research activities on cell biology and cell culture are also carried out to develop new biopharmaceutical products. The scope of the lab research activities ranges from products & services for sampling accompanied with test kits for diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and food business.

Market experts claim that there are very few labs such as MilliporeSigma in existence in the U.S. The U.S food and drug administration, under the Obama regime, had established a degree of control on the food processing costs. The introduction of new technologies across the food safety testing industry has made the testing process more cost-effective and quick in recent times, which can efficiently aid in carving a profitable roadmap for global food safety testing market.

In the past, genome sequencing of food took a longer span. However, product innovations, technological inventions, capacity expansions, and the establishment of new food testing laboratories have reduced the gene sequencing period substantially, prompting food manufacturers to come up with a range of healthy food products. This change of dynamics is sure to bring about a transformation in the food industry, state experts.

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