Merck & Company to acquire Rigontec for over USD 550 million in a bid to expand its product portfolio

Merck & Company, a key player across the pharmaceutical industry, is planning to acquire Rigontec GmbH, a major participant in the RNA-based biopharmaceuticals market, for an upfront payment of USD 137 million. The company will reportedly pay USD 416 million to the latter through milestone and contingent payments. Merck’s acquisition of Rigontec has not only justified the firm’s commitment toward cancer drug production and cancer research, but has also ensured the company’s shareholders as well as patients regarding its mission to contribute toward curbing the several types of cancer.

For the record, Rigontec has achieved a commendable reputation in accessing retinoic acid-inducible gene I (RIG-I) pathway as a new methodology for treating cancer. Apparently, the treatment is touted to bring about instant, lasting anti-cancer tumor immunity. The purchase of Rigontec will thus complement the business strategy of Merck to expand its product portfolio and help the pharmaceutical market giant build innovative technologies for treating cancer through extensive research & development activities.

The German biotech firm Rigontec was actually established in 2014 and has apparently conducted a clinical trial of its RGT100 on patients with various tumors, merely a few months back. In 2016, the therapy, which is largely used for treating cancer & viral infections, had attracted heavy capital investments from the leading business players such as Sunstone Capital, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, The High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Forbion Capital Partners. These investments are expected to bring forth an abundance of research programs exclusively focusing on cancer treatment that will contribute substantially toward unearthing an effective cure for different types of cancer.

RGT100, a leading product of Rigontec, is in the early phase of clinical trials on the patients and is projected to be commercialized by 2019. The main objective of Merck’s acquisition of Rigontec is to manufacture new drugs for cancer and help people combat cancer with easy access to drugs. The firm has been pursuing comprehensive research that incorporates over 550 clinical tests to assess anti- PD-1 cancer treatment for over 30 kinds of tumors. The pharma company also intends to reinforce its immuno-oncology portfolio via strategic partnerships while developing potential immunotherapeutic candidates to enhance the treatment for cancers in the advanced stages.

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