Juniper Networks purchases cybersecurity startup Cyphort to boost its security portfolio

By continuing to underline its focus on the cybersecurity market, Juniper Networks, Inc., a reputed networking technology company has struck an agreement to purchase Cyphort. This acquisition of a start-up cybersecurity firm by Juniper is expected to upscale its in-house cyber-portfolio, by offering advanced solutions for both on-premise and cloud services.

For the uninitiated, Cyphort Inc., a security analytics software firm based out of Santa Clara, California, has developed a software that is complementary to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems. This software reportedly uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect the threats that bypass the first mark of security defense. Cyphort’s security analytics platform can work across edge devices, cloud environments, and virtual infrastructure as well. Moreover, this software can also integrate with the existing security tools to update its security postures and create real-time timelines of incidents.

Juniper plans to integrate its Sky Advanced Threat Prevention platform with Cyphort’s unique technology. With the advantage of possessing such an effective and advanced software, the company states that it will be able to allow better malware detection capabilities. This is also likely to enable other companies to scan an increased range of supported file types and bolster their overall security posture.

Juniper’s investments into the enterprise cybersecurity market come at a crucial time for both the company and the ever-growing tech industry. In recent years, cyber threats have undoubtedly risen to an elevated level, as enterprises suffer constant treats of hacking; HBO perhaps is the latest example of a major business falling prey to hackers. In response to this fact, several industry players are hoping to stem the tide of cyber-attacks & secure their profits by implementing strategic measures.

To reinvigorate its struggling security business, Juniper is seen investing aggressively in developing new threat prevention capabilities. In the last quarter, the company saw a decline of 12% even though the company’s overall sales rose by 7%.

In a separate post, Juniper has been mentioned regarding the release of a new network protection service the company said could help enterprises better defend their applications from attack. The new Contrail Security service, which the company defined as a microsegmentation solution, will allow the software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud providers and other business to protect their applications that are running in several cloud environments.

The deal is expected to close by the next month, however, the terms of the deals have not yet been disclosed. To date, Cyphort has drawn a whopping USD 53.7 million in four rounds of venture capital funding.

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