Italy to provide backing to Indonesia on its palm oil bid in EU

The Italian Government is apparently extending support to Indonesia with regards to negotiations on palm oil in the European Union market. The European Parliament, back in Oct 2017, had passed a resolution to gradually halt all kinds of palm oil imports from the European Union biofuel program from 2021.  Reportedly, the move to ban palm oil from biofuels in EU market finds base on the claim that palm oil manufacturers are failing to achieve the UN recommended sustainable development goals with regards to production, consumption, and climatic action.

According to Antaranews, Italy’s backing on Indonesia’s palm oil bid across the EU countries appears to come on heels of the country’s extensive utilization of the oil in its food and cosmetics products. Italy pegs the title of the third largest import market for Indonesian palm oil market in Europe, cite sources.

Italy’s decision to back Indonesia’s move finds support in the fact that Ferrero Rocher, one of Italy’s renowned chocolate giant, uses Indonesia’s palm oil for their Nutela and chocolate production, primarily on the grounds of its longer shelf life than other vegetable oils. Apparently, palm oil does not get fermented easily, thereby its usage in the product ensures chocolate retentivity.

Reports state that a recent research conducted by the Italian Chocolatier has further depicted that palm oil is least hazard-prone to human health. Probably on grounds of these benefits, Ferrero Rocher has assured Indonesia to support its black campaign struggle on palm oil in EU market, by continuing the oil utilization on its confectionary production process.

The Italian government, with the help of several of its ministries, has been reported to be quite cooperative with Indonesia, be it in World Trade Organization or European parliament. The foreign minister of the country, Mr. Retno LP Marsudi, has already expressed a concern regarding the ban on the deployment of palm oil across the EU regions, cite sources.

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