IBM and MIT ink a decade-long partnership worth USD 240 million on AI research

This Thursday encountered one of the biggest pacts in the artificial intelligence business space when IBM and MIT announced their upcoming ten-year partnership agreement on artificial intelligence research. The American multinational conglomerate is reported to invest USD 240 million in establishing an artificial intelligence research lab in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As claimed by the company’s spokesperson, this investment will support joint research programs where IBM researchers and MIT scientists will conjointly work on advanced AI research at the IBM-MIT Watson AI Lab in Cambridge.

The deal gains ground on a long-term relationship between both the mammoths. In 1950, Big Blue, in collaboration with MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory worked on an air defense system that runs fully on automation. Three decades later, in 1980, once again the two tech giants joined forces as a part of a consortium on superconductivity. The move is also quite significant for MIT, the university being home for one of the premium AI labs, having stood at the forefront of artificial intelligence research during 1950s.

The IBM-MIT partnership is reported to study the intersection of machine learning and quantum computing. Undoubtedly, these focal areas would aid both the fields, with quantum computers supporting the optimization of machine learning technologies and AI helping to characterize and identify quantum devices. The MIT lab will thus undergo a collaboration with IBM Watson Healthcare Office in Cambridge to enhance their application in cybersecurity and healthcare with the integration of AI, cite reliable sources.

The investment also marks a shift in IBM focus from hardware. The company introduced the AI technology with the development of Deep Blue. The tech giant’s Watson supercomputer, that is based on machine learning and natural language processing had stolen the limelight in 2010 by winning the game show, Jeopardy. With this collaboration IBM is striving to bring forth more innovations that would enhance its business profile beyond specialized tasks to a more generic approach for addressing various categories of complex problems.

If analysts are to be believed, this IBM-MIT partnership agreement which is claimed to continue for a decade, is a call taken by the American technology magnate in response to the plethora of academic-tech partnerships that have of late brought forth a transformative change in artificial intelligence industry. Reportedly, Microsoft and Alphabet have also recently announced their research funding at the University of Montreal and McGill University. Having said that, it is prudent to note that the financial commitments by both the aforementioned giants in Montreal is less than USD 10 million, which puts IBM at a higher stand, considering its hefty contribution in MIT.

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