Google’s Five Third Party Speakers to have an epic showdown in the smart speaker business space

This year’s IFA trade has witnessed one of the biggest scoops in the electronics space when Google announced the launch of its five third party speakers that will support the Google Assistant service and would function very much alike the company’s patent Home speaker. Experts claim this move to be another attempt by the global tech juggernaut to expand its battleground with rival Amazon. As Amazon’s Echo speaker line is gaining the tech crowd with its intelligent voice assistant, Alexa, Google is eager to catch up, by shooting up the competition in the dynamic electronics industry space. Reportedly, the technology magnate has struck a deal with Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) to integrate the Google Assistant in Nvidia’s spot speakers and Shield TV console.

While Amazon’s ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, and the e-commerce giant has witnessed an edge in the smart speaker business sphere, the Google Home speaker has carved quite a successful path since its inception in 2016. Google Home is one among the most interesting current hardware offerings of the search king. Now with its announcement of launching five third party speakers that includes biggies like Sony, JBL, Panasonic etc., it goes without saying that the tech mammoth, this time around, wants to grab a much larger piece of the smart speaker market.

As per reliable sources, Google has also touted its integration with LG home appliances. The American conglomerate announced that the company’s virtual assistant devices will be controlling LG‘s washers, dryers, and vacuum cleaners. LG and Google first announced their integration back in May 2016.

Though it has been a couple of months since Google launched its full line Assistant developers, Alexa still maintains a lead over Assistant with regards to number of third party internet services and smart home devices it supports. Despite the fact that Alexa speakers are currently ruling the business space, market experts depict that Google Assistant speakers have a better chance of disrupting the monopolization of the online retail market giant over the ensuing years.

While it is yet to be deciphered which smart speaker grabs the top position in the long run, it is undeniable that smart speakers are the next combat zone for electronics industry giants. Amazon has had a head start, no doubt, but Google Home might be the world’s biggest search giant behind it. Amazon’s Echo has already established the groundwork for Assistant developers, and Google is now ready to take a bigger plunge in the business space, integrating its patent services like Maps, Search, and Gmail. Also, it is to be remembered that Google Home is comparatively more affordable than Echo - yet another notch in its belt against the Amazon’s Echo.

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