GE Renewable Energy declares the launch of the world’s largest onshore wind turbine

GE Renewable Energy, has unveiled the largest onshore wind turbine, which has been designed to develop a substantially huge amount of energy, capable of fulfilling the power supply requirements of nearly 5,000 households across Europe. Touted to be the company’s most powerful and strong turbine so far, the product is endowed with excellent physical attributes such as high-tech blades, effective loads & controls, and tall towers. The incorporation of these innovative features in GE’s onshore wind turbine can be attributed to the appreciable efforts undertaken by the Global Research Center of GE, LM’s Wind Power, and Blade Dynamics, who have been dedicatedly involved in the product design since its inception.

Offshore wind energy market has been on the radar for a while now, and rightly so, given its high percentage rate of power generation. However, with the ever-rising demands of the global populace for energy, it has become a mandate to harness onshore wind turbine power in an equal proportion, given one of the principal advantages it has over its offshore counterpart – high economic feasibility. Probably, in consideration of this very aspect, GE has launched the world’s largest onshore wind turbine - a 4.8 MW turbine measuring 240 meters in height, equipped with a rotor that measures 158 meters in terms of the diameter. Industry experts have claimed this product launch to be a major breakthrough in the field of turbine technology, which would significantly catapult GE’s already strong position in wind energy equipment market. This may come as no surprise, given the expert forecast that this turbine may have the ability to fulfill the energy requirements of countries such as Australia, Germany, and Turkey (the low to medium wind speed regions).

The firm’s main objective of manufacturing wind turbines is to produce green energy across low and medium wind locations. This is a vital discovery in the field of wind turbine technology, as a mammoth proportion of energy is generated at high wind sites. Today, most of the geographies across the globe have been focusing on energy production across less optimal sites and are keen on developing new wind energy technologies for these locations.

Keeping abreast with the latest technological advancements, GE’s stride toward the path of innovation for generating power is expected to provide a boost to the overall renewable energy sector. In time, cite experts, this initiative would help to notably contribute toward the reduction of carbon footprints across the world, thereby combating the globally critical issue of fossil fuel depletion.

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