DNV GL establishes 3D printing lab for the regional O&M industry

DNV GL, a quality assurance & risk management company headquartered in Norway, has established a 3D printing laboratory in Singapore for testing systems used across the oil & gas (O&G) and offshore & marine (O&M) sectors. If sources are to be believed, the lab will develop core competencies in the certification, qualification, and training for 3D printing activities.

3D printing technology, with its high speed and decreased costs, has apparently been finding extensive applications across myriad sectors. DNV, specifically on these grounds, may have established this lab to increase the acceptance of 3D printing technology across the O&M sector. In this regard, the company has set certain technical standards & guidelines for qualification as well as certification of advanced manufacturing instrument & processes, as per The Straits Times.

Reports state that the firm will also be offering assurance & advisory solutions for 3D printing systems at its lab and is expected to collaborate with regional research institutions as well as other firms. Furthermore, the firm is reported to form an alliance with NAMIC, Sembcorp Marine, and SIMTech to manufacture & certify laser-aided 3D printing systems for newly manufactured vessels in the country. For the record, DNV GL is anticipated to enter into partnership with Aurora labs to introduce advanced manufacturing certifying rules covering the total value chain.

The president of DNV GL states that the rising demand for 3D printing technology across various emerging sectors will provide a boost to the research & development activities across the newly launched 3D lab center of the firm in Singapore. He further asserted that the unit will play a key role in the expansion of O&M as well as O& G sectors over the coming years.

The assistant managing director of Singapore’s Economic Development Board viewed that the new facility will expand the scope of the O&M engineering sector and will make the manufacturing sector of the region more competitive.

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