Corning inks agreements with Gerresheimer and Stevanato Group to manufacture its Valor Glass for injectable drugs

Having perceptibly inhabited the front page of most news portals since the last few days, the American glass and ceramic manufacturer, Corning Inc., has once again put the cuffs on the industry experts. The company has signed separate partnership agreements with Gerresheimer, the Germany-based drug device and medication packaging products’ manufacturer and Stevanato Group, the Italy-based pharma product packaging company, to supply glass packaging for injectable drugs.

A while ago, Corning made it to the headlines when the company’s executives let slip that the pharmaceutical industry needed to use high-grade, durable glass to package injectable medication. Post underlining its keynote, Corning went on to state that it intends to manufacture the glass all by itself, with strategic inputs and guidance from pharma giants Merck & Co. and Pfizer. As per the details let out by official sources, Corning plans to invest an initial capital of around USD 500 million to manufacture the Valor Glass, the production of which may provide legal employment to more than 1,000 people. Eventually, say reports, the company may increase the investment up to a humongous USD 4 billion and create a workforce of around 4,000 employees.

Corning’s transformative packaging product, Valor Glass, reportedly offers high-grade damage resistance, superior strength, and excellent chemical durability, thereby deeming it to be one of the most preferred materials for medication packaging. The beneficial characteristics associated with this product, will apparently ensure increased throughput and a rather elevated level of quality assurance for pharma companies. With the proviso that this material would revolutionize the pharma packaging industry, Merck & Co. and Pfizer had signed on strategic collaboration agreements with Corning, which clearly stated that the latter had exclusive rights to test the viability of the valor glass on the drugs and other medication products of both the companies.

Corning’s executives declare that Valor Glass has the ability to reduce glass particulate generation, thereby leading to efficient, smooth filling operations. Furthermore, it has been mentioned that any pharma company purchasing basic packaging for the storage of injectable drugs will accrue benefits from the remarkable properties of Valor Glass. Now, the company has joined forces with the Stevanato Group and Gerresheimer to produce the Valor Glass to test its efficiency for injectable drug packaging.

Corning’s spokespersons have categorically stated that both, Gerresheimer and Stevanato Group, possess the high-grade technologies that are essential for the production of Corning’s Valor Glass. Despite repeated protests however, the U.S. glass manufacturer have not revealed any further details with regards to its partnership contracts with the two Europe-based drug and medication packaging manufacturers.

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