China implores Denmark on wind farm development, aims to leverage its position in offshore wind industry

The renewable energy bandwagon is replete with the news of China tapping Denmark for the development of an offshore wind farm in its home ground, in a bid to control GHG emissions and consolidate its position in the sustainability landscape. China’s decision of choosing Denmark comes as a result of the fact that most of the reputed offshore energy companies are of Danish origin. China’s decision also comes on the heels of Nur Bekri’s recent visit to Denmark, wherein he propagated China’s increased efforts to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. For the uninitiated, Nur Bekri is the head of the National Energy Administration (NEA).

As per statistics, China is responsible for the maximum percentage of GHG emissions, pertaining to which the Chinese government has been planning to raise the primary fuel consumption of non-fossil fuel to 15% by the end of 2020, which has probably provided an impetus to China’s partnership with Denmark. The deal with Danish government to construct the wind farm is not yet confirmed, however, it is likely to be finalized soon.

The wind farm is scheduled to be constructed at three distinct, unnamed locations across China. After the meeting held at Denmark between the NEA Chief and Denmark’s energy minister, it has been decided that both the countries would form a collaboration to develop the test center for the offshore wind power generation farm in China.

Denmark, being the home ground for major giants in global wind market, offers a lucrative opportunity for China to improve on their green energy goals. The existence of DONG Energy, Vestas Wind Systems, and other such companies, which have seemingly contributed a great deal toward the growth of the regional offshore industry, serve to validate the aforementioned statement.

Due to excessive costs and technical problems related to its implementation, China has been slightly lagging behind when it comes to enhancing the country’s sustainable energy capability. However, China has also been increasingly attempting to surge its dependency on renewable energy sources by increasing the power generation capacity of the proposed offshore wind farm.

To comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, China has been striving to move along the path of green transition. In the years to come, it is likely that China emerges as one of key participants of global offshore wind industry.

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