Bayer receives approval from the FDA to sell its cancer drug Copanlisib in the U.S.

The renowned German pharmaceutical, chemical, and life sciences company, Bayer has scarcely received regulatory approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell its cancer drug to treat lymphoma. It is prudent to mention that FDA’s approval has been entirely based on the result obtained from the clinical trial - phase II Chronos-1 carried out on 104 adult patients. This approval also brings to light, the fact that regulatory bodies have been sanctioning the required approvals to pharmaceutical companies, given that these firms have been increasingly working toward brainstorming effective solutions for difficult-to-treat cancers.

With the promising results obtained from phase II Chronos-1 trial study, Bayer is looking forward to delivering an effective treatment plan to patient suffering from lymphoma. For patients with relapsing follicular lymphoma, Bayer has launched the Copanlisib – an intravenous cancer drug under the brand name Aliqopa. The drug is apparently an interrupter that prevents the growth of malignant cells. Considering the increasing prevalence of blood cancer cases, the German pharmaceutical giant is planning to commence the sales of its drugs immediately, in the U.S.

For the record, Follicular lymphoma is one of the many types that falls under non-Hodgkin disease – a dangerous blood disorder. This disease is touted to be one of the major causes for cancer-related deaths in the world. As per estimates by the National Cancer Institute, in 2017, approximately 72,240 cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma are likely to be detected, and 1 out of 5 lymphoma patients in the U.S. would be detected with follicular lymphoma. The approval of the FDA for Bayer’s cancer drug is thus expected to introduce effective treatment options for lymphoma patients. This move may also, in all probability, help generate lucrative growth grounds for pharmaceutical market players.

The speedy review and approval from the FDA has brought about a change in Bayer’s commitment plans to develop new treatment facilities, as typical drugs are anticipated to go through a three-stage clinical trial process before getting approval for sale in United states. The head of the oncology strategic business and executive vice president of Bayer, Robert LaCaze has mentioned that post the approval from FDA for their follicular lymphoma cancer drug, the pharma company is looking forward to developing new effective therapies to fulfill the unmet need of patients suffering from blood cancer.

The on-going developments in the drug portfolio of blood cancer treatment are likely to help doctors as well as patients to increase cancer survival rates. Considering the statistics of National Cancer Society, an increasing number of improved treatments may lead to the genesis of a better future for patients diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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