Apple to introduce tech compatible healthcare service for employees

Tech magnate Apple has reportedly planned to launch its primary medical care service referred to as AC Wellness. The firm seems to have taken the decision to penetrate the healthcare space following the footsteps of Amazon and Buffet, both of which have recently made large investments in healthcare verticals.

Authentic sources state that AC Wellness will provide effective healthcare services to Apple’s employees and their families. Apple Inc. has revealed its plans to set up two healthcare units in Santa Clara County near Apple Park in California during the second half of the year. The new establishment has been projected to offer a unique healthcare experience with high-quality medical care for its employees through its new technologies such as Apple Watch.

According to The Financial Times, Apple’s CEO has been quoted stating that the firm will make a positive & strong impact on the healthcare industry. Experts believe that Apple’s new heath center initiative will further expand the firm’s reach in the medical space. Incidentally, Apple’s foray in healthcare had been considerably strengthened post the launch of the Apple Watch in 2014, claim prior records. Back then, the firm deployed the ResearchKit and HealthKit software along with other data tools for linking health-related information with third party applications & medical research clinical projects.  

For the uninitiated, Apple employs more than 120,000 personnel, and with healthcare becoming one of the its biggest staffing unit, the firm is likely to reduce its expenditure on medical activities through the introduction of in-house solutions and other proactive projects. The firm is also aiming to bring about an improvement in the health of its workforce through the launch of innovative services.

Estimates state that U.S. healthcare expenditure had been recorded at USD 3.3 trillion in 2016, which was 18% of the nation’s GDP, and 4.3% more as compared to its healthcare spending in 2015.

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